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Chapter 5

Configuring the nxge Device Driver Parameters


▼ To Set Driver Parameters Using an nxge.conf


1. Obtain the hardware path names for the nxge devices in the device tree.

a. Check the /etc/driver_aliases file to identify the name associated with

a particular device:

b. Locate the path names and the associated instance numbers in the



In this example:

The first part within the double quotes specifies the hardware node name in
the device tree.

The number not enclosed in quotes is the instance number (shown in bold

for emphasis).

The last part in double quotes is the driver name.

To identify a PCI-E device unambiguously in the nxge.conf file, use the name,
parent name, and the unit-address for the device. Refer to the pci(4) man page for
more information about the PCI-E device specification.

In this example:

name = "pciex108e,abcd"

parent = "/pci@780/pci@0/pci@8/network@0"


= "0"

2. Set the parameters for the nxge devices in the



a. The following parameters can be set using the



# grep nxge /etc/driver_aliases

nxge "pciex108e,abcd"

# grep nxge/etc/path_to_inst

"/pci@780/pci@0/pci@8/network@0" 0 "nxge"

"/pci@780/pci@0/pci@8/network@0,1" 1 "nxge"


#---------------Link Configuration ----------------------

# The link parameters depend on the type of the card

# and the port.