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Using This Documentation

This guide provides instructions for installing both the hardware and software for
the Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express card from Oracle. This manual also describes
how to configure the nxge driver, which controls the card.

These instructions are designed for enterprise system administrators with experience
installing network hardware and software.

Note –

In this document the term x86 refers to 64-bit and 32-bit systems

manufactured using processors compatible with the AMD64 or Intel Xeon/Pentium
product families. For supported systems, see the Solaris Hardware Compatibility Guide.

Using UNIX Commands

This document might not contain information about basic UNIX commands and
procedures such as shutting down the system, booting the system, and configuring
devices. Refer to the following for this information:

Software documentation that you received with your system

Solaris Operating System documentation, which is at: