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Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express Card User’s Guide • May 2010

▼ To Set Parameters Using the Bundled



1. To get a list of tunable parameters, use the nxge_config

if_name get


These classification variables define how each IP class is configured. This
parameter also controls how the flow template is constructed and how packets are
distributed within RDC groups.

Note –

The classification variables are modified on an adapter basis, that is, if any of

these variables is modified for one port, the change carries over to all other ports of
that adapter.

2. To get a particular variable use the nxge_config

if_name get param_name:

# /usr/local/bin/nxge_config eth4 get

The tunable parameters exported by this device are:

class_opt_ipv4_tcp Read-Write

class_opt_ipv4_udp Read-Write

class_opt_ipv4_ah Read-Write

class_opt_ipv4_sctp Read-Write

class_opt_ipv6_tcp Read-Write

class_opt_ipv6_udp Read-Write

class_opt_ipv6_ah Read-Write

class_opt_ipv6_sctp Read-Write

Configuration bits:

0x0010: use MAC Port (for flow key)

0x0020: use L2DA (for flow key)

0x0040: use VLAN (for flow key)

0x0080: use proto (for flow key)

0x0100: use IP src addr (for flow key)

0x0200: use IP dest addr (for flow key)

0x0400: use Src Port (for flow key)

0x0800: use Dest Port (for flow key)

# /usr/local/bin/nxge_config eth4 get class_opt_ipv4_udp

class_opt_ipv4_udp 0xfe3