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Appendix B

Diagnostic Software


Using the SunVTS netlbtest

You must have the Ethernet card and the device driver installed, a loopback
connector in place, and Intervention mode enabled before running netlbtest.

cannot run if the network interface is connected to a live network, and

requires that the Ethernet device be configured offline before running the test. Use
the ifconfig(1M) command to bring the Ethernet device down before running


▼ To Use the netlbtest

1. Ensure that the SunVTS software and the nxge driver are installed on your


2. Plug in a loopback cable.

3. Unplumb the interface from the system, using the ifconfig command


Where instance is the instance number of the interface.

Refer to SunVTS documentation for instructions on how to run netlbtest.

# ifconfig nxge

instance down

# ifconfig nxge

instance unplumb