Oracle Audio Technologies Sun Oracle SunDual 10GbE XFP User Manual

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Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express Card User’s Guide • May 2010

Following are some common parameters that can be changed:

rx-usecs and rx-frames control the RX interrupt rate per RX DMA channel. RX
interrupt will be generated after rx-frames have been received or after rx-usecs
time interval if fewer than rx-frames have been received within the interval. For
low latency applications, it is recommended to set rx-usecs to smaller value. For
bulk traffic, it is recommended to use larger values of rx-usecs and control the
rate with rx-frames.

rx-frames-irq controls the maximum number of rx packets processed with a single
RX interrupt.

# ethtool -c eth8

Coalesce parameters for eth8:

Adaptive RX: off TX: off

stats-block-usecs: 0

sample-interval: 0

pkt-rate-low: 0

pkt-rate-high: 0

rx-usecs: 8

rx-frames: 512

rx-usecs-irq: 0

rx-frames-irq: 512

tx-usecs: 0

tx-frames: 0

tx-usecs-irq: 0

tx-frames-irq: 0

rx-usecs-low: 0

rx-frame-low: 0

tx-usecs-low: 0

tx-frame-low: 0

rx-usecs-high: 0

rx-frame-high: 0

tx-usecs-high: 0


-high: 0