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Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express Card User’s Guide • May 2010

After you enter the parameter name, the ndd utility prompts you for the parameter

2. To list all the parameters supported by the nxge driver, type ?.

Setting Parameters Using the


Specify the driver parameter properties for each device by creating a nxge.conf file
in the /kernel/drv directory. Use a nxge.conf file when you need to set a
particular parameter for a device in the system.

The man pages for prtconf(1M) and driver.conf(4) include additional details.
The next procedure shows an example of setting parameters in a nxge.conf file.

To access any man page, type the man command plus the name of the man

For example, to access man pages for prtconf(1M), type:

# ndd /dev/nxge1 name to get/set ?

? (read only)

function_number (read only)

adv_autoneg_cap (read and write)

adv_10gfdx_cap (read and write)

adv_1000fdx_cap (read and write)

adv_100fdx_cap (read and write)

adv_10fdx_cap (read and write)

adv_pause_cap (read and write)

accept_jumbo (read and write)

rxdma_intr_time (read and write)

rxdma_intr_pkts (read and write)

class_opt_ipv4_tcp (read and write)

class_opt_ipv4_udp (read and write)

class_opt_ipv4_ah (read and write)

class_opt_ipv4_sctp (read and write)

class_opt_ipv6_tcp (read and write)

class_opt_ipv6_udp (read and write)

class_opt_ipv6_ah (read and write)

class_opt_ipv6_sctp (read and write)

% man prtconf