Oracle Audio Technologies Sun Oracle SunDual 10GbE XFP User Manual

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Sun Dual 10GbE XFP PCI Express Card User’s Guide • May 2010

3. Add the following to a startup script, or use ndd before plumbing the interface:

Utilizing more soft-rings provided by the Solaris TCP/IP stack significantly
improves bulk throughput for Rx. The default number of soft-rings is 2, but
changing it to 8 improves performance. (You can increase the number to 16 in
UltraSparc-T1 based systems).

▼ To Improve Performance on an AMD CPU Based

Sun Platform

1. Enable soft-rings and change to a higher value than the default of 2 by adding

the following to the /etc/system file:

Bulk throughput for Rx can be significantly improved by utilizing more soft-rings
provided by the Solaris TCP/IP stack. Soft-rings are disabled by default in
previous and current releases of the Solaris-x86 Operating System.

2. Reboot the system:

3. Set the MSI to 1 on AMD platforms by adding following to the /etc/system


4. Reboot the system:

# ndd -set /dev/ip ip_soft_rings_cnt 8

set ip:ip_squeue_fanout=1

set ip_squeue_soft_ring=1

# reboot -r

set ddi_msix_alloc_limit=1

# reboot -r