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B.2 Operations (The Sensor

Matching Function)


This function is effective only in three kinds of
sensors, Pt100, Pt200, and Pt500.
Input relations between the sensor type and the
value of R0 properly. When Pt100 is specified as
an input type, the value close to 100 must be set
to R0. When Pt500 is specified as input type, the
value close to 500 must be set to R0.
When the sensor type was changed, the Sensor
Matching Parameters must be set up again or
the Sensor Matching function must be set to


Example: To set Pt200, 3wire sensor as “Sensor 1”


And to input R0,


, and

values, as

sensor-specific constants.

1. Set the sensor type:

1-1. Select D10: SENSOR1 TYPE and press


1-2. Select “Pt200 (IEC751)” and press

[ENTER] twice.

1-3. Press [OK].

2. Set the number of wires:

2-1. To set the number of wire connections, select

D20: SENSOR1 WIRE and press [ENTER].

2-2. Select “3WIRE” and press [ENTER] twice.
2-3. Press [OK].

3. Set the sensor-specific constants:

3-1. Select D51: SNSR1 R0 and press [ENTER].
3-2. Input R0 values and press [ENTER] twice.
3-3. Press [OK].
3-4. Select D55: SNSR1 ALPHA and press


3-5. Input alpha values and press [ENTER] twice.
3-6. Press [OK].
3-7. Select D56: SNSR1 DELTA and press


3-8. Input delta values and press [ENTER] twice.
3-9. Press [OK].
3-10.Select D57: SNSR1 BETA and press


3-11.Input beta values and press [ENTER] twice.
3-12.Press [OK].

4. Enable the Sensor Matching function:

4-1. Select D50: SNSR1 MATCH and press


4-2. Select “ENABLE” and press [ENTER] twice.
4-3. Press [OK].

When “DISABLE” is selected in the step 4-2, tempera-
ture is calculated by using the default value of R0,


␦, and ␤.

If using the A, B, and C parameters, replace D55, D56
and D57 with D52, D53 and D54 in step 3-4 through

If using two sensors with a Model YTA320, replace
Dnn with Enn (nn is same number) and repeat the
procedures for the second sensor.

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