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For Safe Use of Product

For the protection and safety of the operator and the
instrument or the system including the instrument,
please be sure to follow the instructions on safety
described in this manual when handling this instru-
ment. In case the instrument is handled in contradiction
to these instructions, Yokogawa does not guarantee
safety. Please give your attention to the followings.

(a) Installation

• The instrument must be installed by an expert

engineer or a skilled personnel. The procedures
described about INSTALLATION are not permitted
for operators.

• In case of high process temperature, care should be

taken not to burn yourself because the surface of the
case reaches a high temperature.

• All installation shall comply with local installation

requirement and local electrical code.

(b) Wiring

• The instrument must be installed by an expert

engineer or a skilled personnel. The procedures
described about WIRING are not permitted for

• Please confirm that voltages between the power

supply and the instrument before connecting the
power cables and that the cables are not powered
before connecting.

(c) Maintenance

• Please do not carry out except being written to a

maintenance descriptions. When these procedures
are needed, please contact nearest YOKOGAWA

• Care should be taken to prevent the build up of drift,

dust or other material on the display glass and
name plate. In case of its maintenance, soft and dry
cloth is used.

(d) Modification

• Yokogawa will not be liable for malfunctions or

damage resulting from any modification made to
this instrument by the customer.



• The warranty shall cover the period noted on the

quotation presented to the purchaser at the time of
purchase. Problems occurred during the warranty
period shall basically be repaired free of charge.

• In case of problems, the customer should contact the

Yokogawa representative from which the instrument
was purchased, or the nearest Yokogawa office.

• If a problem arises with this instrument, please

inform us of the nature of the problem and the
circumstances under which it developed, including
the model specification and serial number. Any
diagrams, data and other information you can
include in your communication will also be helpful.

• Responsible party for repair cost for the problems

shall be determined by Yokogawa based on our

• The Purchaser shall bear the responsibility for repair

costs, even during the warranty period, if the
malfunction is due to:

- Improper and/or inadequate maintenance by the


- Failure or damage due to improper handling, use

or storage which is out of design conditions.

- Use of the product in question in a location not

conforming to the standards specified by
Yokogawa, or due to improper maintenance of
the installation location.

- Failure or damage due to modification or repair

by any party except Yokogawa or an approved
representative of Yokogawa.

- Malfunction or damage from improper relocation

of the product in question after delivery.

- Reason of force majeure such as fires, earth-

quakes, storms/floods, thunder/lightening, or
other natural disasters, or disturbances, riots,
warfare, or radioactive contamination.

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