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You can configure the way the Viewer starts up, for

example, to have it bypass the login screen with the user

name and password (pp. 41, 42) by creating a shortcut

icon that specifies Viewer startup options.

[Viewer.exe] is located in the following folder by


<System drive>:\Program Files\Canon\WebView\



• <System drive> corresponds to the drive containing the

system files of the operating system. If the operating system is

installed on the C drive, the system drive is the C drive.

• A message may appear asking whether or not you want to

create a shortcut icon on the desktop. Click [OK] if you want to

create the desktop icon.

When the IP address of a computer that has a Storage

Server installed on it changes, the IP address of the

Storage Server must also be changed.

Example: 64-bit OS

"c:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\WebView\NVR30\


Example: 32-bit OS

“c:\Program Files\Canon\WebView\NVR30\


Enter the IP address the computer changed to for


• To stop or start the service from the control panel,

select [RM-Lite Storage Server].

• When executing the command, enter


Create a Shortcut Icon for Starting the Viewer


• You cannot reconfigure the shortcut icon that is automatically

created on your desktop when you install this software.

• The login password can be easily viewed in the properties of

the shortcut icon. Make sure to take sufficient security
measures when using this feature.


Right-click [Viewer.exe] in the installation folder and
click [Create shortcut].


Right-click the shortcut icon and select [Properties].


On the [Shortcut] tab, add a startup option to [Target].

Startup Options


-group nvr://
storage server group name>

The information in the options
is used to connect to the
server group and start the
Viewer, without displaying the
[Connect to Storage Server
Group] dialog box on startup.


Click [OK] to close the dialog box.


Move the shortcut icon to a location you prefer.

Changing the Storage Server IP Address


Select [RM Storage Server] from [Control Panel] >
[System and Security] > [Administrative Tools] and
stop the service.


Open the command prompt using [Run as
administrator], enter the “storage_server.exe”

command name and option (-resethost=“IP address”),
and execute the command.


Select [RM Storage Server] from [Control Panel] >
[System and Security] > [Administrative Tools] and
start the service again.

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