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Use special day schedules to record on exceptional days,

such as public holidays.

Display the [Special Day Schedules] Tab

(1) Special day schedule type

Add, edit or delete a special day schedule type.

(2) [Storage Server Group]

Display the Storage Server Group name.

(3) Special day schedule settings

• [Add], [Edit], and [Delete]

Add, edit or delete a special day schedule.

• [Use Repeating Weekly Schedule]/[Not Use

Repeating Weekly Schedules]
Enable or disable the special day schedule for the

applicable day of the weekly schedule registered on

the selected camera.

• [Copy from Repeating Weekly Schedule]

Specify a day of an existing weekly schedule

registered on the selected camera, and import it as

a special day schedule.

(4) [Zoom] slider

Zoom in and zoom out the timeline of the schedule


(5) Days area

Specify the day for the special day schedule selected

in (1).

(6) Camera search

Find the camera that will be assigned the schedule.

(7) Schedule area

Displays the currently registered cameras and their

corresponding recording schedules by day.

This area also has a search function for finding

cameras using search criteria, such as the camera

name or tags. For details, see “Select a Camera”

(p. 75).

(8) [Close]

Close this window.


A special day schedule takes precedence over a weekly

Create a Special Day Schedule

Special Day recording schedules are set by the day.

The name is added to the schedule type area.


Before deleting a schedule name from the schedule type area,

first delete the applicable day from the days area.

Record at Specific Times (Special Day Schedule Settings)


When you assign a special day schedule to a number of
cameras, the weekly schedules assigned to the remaining

cameras for the special day are disabled. To reapply the

weekly schedules for that day to the remaining cameras, import
the weekly schedule for the day of the special day schedule.

For details on importing a weekly schedule, see “Import from a

Weekly Schedule” (p. 92).


Click [Window] > [Recording Schedules] to display the
[Recording Schedules] dialog box.


Click the [Special Day Schedules] tab.










Click [Add] in the schedule type area.


Enter the name of a special day schedule and click


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