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Page 68: Change the layout background image, Display a grid

background image


[Background] and [Playback Options] are


Place a Video Window

You can place a video window anywhere in the viewing


You can arrange video windows according to a grid.

„ Change the Layout Background Image

You can select an image for the layout background.


• The image that you specify as the background will be

registered to the [Background] list in the layout properties.

• To disable backgrounds, select [(None)] in the [Background]

list of the layout properties.

„ Display a Grid

You can display a grid consisting of dots or solid lines in

the viewing area of the Viewer. The video window has a

neat and tidy appearance because it is displayed

according to the grid. When a solid grid is displayed, the

size of the video window can be adjusted to the grid.

• [None]

Do not display a grid. You can put the video window

where you like.

• [Alignment]

Display a dotted grid. You can put the video window

adjusted to the position of the dots.

• [160x120] / [320x240] / [640x480]

Display a solid grid with the specified size.

• [Custom]

Displays the [Custom Grid] dialog box.

All solid grids have an aspect ratio of 4:3 so black bars

appear across the top and bottom of the video. To set a

video window with the same aspect ratio (16:9) as the

video from the camera, set a custom grid where [16:9] is

specified for [Aspect Ratio].

Configure a Custom Grid

Selecting [Custom] as a grid type displays the [Custom

Grid] dialog box, where you can configure the size of the


(1) [Aspect Ratio]

Specify the aspect ratio of the grid frame ([4:3] or


(2) [Horizontal] and [Vertical]

Specify the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in

the grid frame.

Changing the value for one of the items changes the

value in the other box to maintain a constant aspect


(3) [OK] and [Cancel]

Close the dialog box.

If the selected grid aspect ratio is different from the

aspect ratio of the video size set on the camera, black

bars appear across the top and bottom or the left and

right sides of the video.

When [4:3] is selected in [Aspect Ratio], black bars

appear across the top and bottom of the video.


Click [OK] to close the dialog box.


Following the above steps does not automatically save the

layout. Be sure to enter a name and save the new layout after

configuring it.


Click [Layouts] > [Organize Layouts] to display the
[Organize Layouts and Layout Sequences] dialog box.


Click the layout for which you want to specify a
background, and click [Properties] to display the

properties of the layout.


Click [Browse] for [Background].


Specify the image file to use as the background, and
click [Open].


Click [Grids] on the toolbar.


Select the type of grid.




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