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Lists represent rows of the matrix

The previous program can be easily modified to create a matrix when the input
lists will become the rows of the resulting matrix. The only change to be
performed is to change COL

for ROW

in the program listing. To perform

this change use:


List program CRMC in stack


Move to end of program


Delete COL


Type in ROW, enter program

To store the program use: ³~~crmr~ K

{1,2,3,4} ` {1,4,9,16} ` {1,8,27,64} ` 3 ` @CRMR

The following screen shots show the RPN stack before and after running


These programs can be useful for statistical applications, specifically to create
the statistical matrix

ΣDAT. Examples of the use of these program are shown in

a latter chapters.

Manipulating matrices by columns

The calculator provides a menu with functions for manipulating matrices by
operating in their columns. This menu is available through the MTH/MATRIX/
COL.. sequence: (

„´) shown in the figure below with system flag 117 set

to CHOOSE boxes:

or through the MATRICES/CREATE/COLUMN sub-menu: