Sony CDX-G1000U User Manual

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NO TP (no traffic programs)
 The unit will continue searching for available

TP stations.

 USB device is overloaded.

 Disconnect the USB device, then change

the source by pressing SRC.

 The USB device has a fault, or an

unsupported device is connected.

PUSH EJT (push eject)
 The disc cannot be ejected.

 Press  (eject).

 The unit is reading all track and album

information on the disc.
 Wait until reading is complete and

playback starts automatically. Depending
on the disc structure, it may take more than
a minute.

USB NO SUPRT (USB not supported)
 The connected USB device is not supported.

 For details on the compatibility of your USB

device, visit the support site.


] or [


 During reverse or fast-forward, you have

reached the beginning or the end of the disc
and you cannot go any further.



 The character cannot be displayed.

If these solutions do not help improve the
situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer.
If you take the unit to be repaired because of
CD playback trouble, bring the disc that was
used at the time the problem began.

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