Basic settings – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.2 User Manual

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Restart the selected GSM modules to execute the changes.


The BTS lock service works with specific GSM modules only

An error in BTS identification results in a GSM module login

After call relax delay – interval between the current call termination and next call
setup via the same GSM/UMTS module. 2 seconds is recommended for
high–traffic installations.

Disconnect call

Specify the reasons for an immediate disconnection of an outgoing GSM/UMTS call.

Send CLIP from VoIP to GSM/UMTS

Transfer CLIP to GSM/UMTS – enable/disable the function.

Separating char – the CDN / CLIP separating character.

Modify (" removes one digit) – you can change the CLIP. The "– character is used
for deleting one char from the left.



service must be supported

Send CLIP from VoIP to GSM

by the GSM/UMTS provider. If not, the provider's network may
reject the call!

GPRS activation

APN string

define the Access Point Name (APN) for GPRS connectivity.

Basic settings

Roaming enabled for network code – set the international network identifier for
roaming purposes consisting of the following two codes:

MCC – Mobile Country Code – country code (Czech Republic – 230);
MNC – Mobile Network Code – GSM code (T–Mobile – 01, 0202, Vodafone –

Hence, the international identification code for T–Mobile CZ is 23001. Leave this field
empty to disable roaming.