Lcr table – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.2 User Manual

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Basic settings

GSM network ID – name the prefix list for convenience.

Default count of digits – the default length of the number to be dialled into
GSM/UMTS when routing via the selected prefix list. Use this parameter if the

parameter is not included in the


Digits count

Accepted prefixes

Table of replaced prefixes

This table helps you change the prefix of the number received (from 00 to +, e.g.). You
can just add or remove a prefix using this table. This change is performed before the
prefix table search is initiated. Keep the „"/ „" record at least in the table for a proper


The maximum count of Accepted Prefixes table records is 128.

Table of accepted prefixes

A list of prefixes of called destinations to which the selected prefix list applies.

LCR table

The LCR (Least Cost Routing) table helps route calls according to the called number
and depending on the day time and weekday.

Prefix list – select a list of prefixes to be used for the selected LCR row.

Time limitation – set a time limitation for a particular LCR row.

Weekend usage – enable/disable a particular PCR row during weekends.

Maximum call length – set the maximum length (in minutes) for an active
outgoing call to GSM/UMTS.

Groups – set the GSM outgoing groups to be used for the selected LCR row.

Fallback port (9): set the fallback port. If the fallback port service is
unavailable, the next LCR table row is applied. Select the appropriate
routing rule to set the fallback port in the Gateway


configuration–>Port modes

Tariffs – select the tariff group (free minute counter) to be used for the outgoing
call. Refer to the

for more details.

GSM outgoing groups

Ignore tone detection in last group – having detected a user defined tone (refer

), the GSM gateway terminates the call and seeks for

GSM basic settings

another call setup option by default. If this parameter is activated, the GSM
gateway ignores the tone detection results and sets up the call if this is the last
call setup option.