2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.2 User Manual

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Time limits

Define the SIM card use time limits for the GSM group.

use this function to assign up to four independent free minute counters

Call tariffs –
to each GSM module (SIM card) group:

free minutes for calls to own GSM/UMTS network;

Tariff 1 =

free minutes for calls to other GSM/UMTS networks;

Tariff 2 =

free minutes for calls to the PSTN;

Tariff 3 =

free minutes for calls within a closed user group (VPN).

Tariff 4 =
Set the LCR table (assign prefixes to tariffs) correctly to ensure full functionality of this
feature. If routing to a specific tariff is not applied in the LCR table, global free minutes
will be used.

Free minutes Count of free minutes for a specific tariff offered by the provider.

Transferred minutes Maximum count of unused free minutes to be transferred
to the next period.

Day of restoring free minutes Day on which the free minute counters are to
be reset automatically. Choose every 24 hours, a day in a month, or a day in a
week for restoring.

Week of restoring free minutes

Define the week in which the free

in month

minute counters are to be reset automatically. This setting is useful when counter
reset takes place on 'every other Friday in month'. Otherwise, leave the 'every'


We recommend you to set the free minute counter value to X–5,
where X is the count of free minutes obtained from the
GSM/UMTS provider to avoid limit excesses.

The manufacturer is not liable for any additional call costs in
case the GSM/UMTS provider's free minute/SMS limits are