Users – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.2 User Manual

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This section helps you manage the SMS users. Select a communication protocol for
user adding (SMTP/POP3 or SMPP).

Add user

assign the user to a User group.

User group –

define the system user name.

User full name –

define the number (CPN) to which the user's

Replace dial for outgoing SMS –
outgoing SMS messages shall be sent.

select the communication protocol for SMS processing:

Access type –

define the login name for the client Email.

Login name (without domain) –

Email (SMTP/POP3)

use SMTP for SMS sending and POP3 for SMS


– set the GSM gateway into the 'SMS centre' mode.


– set the GSM gateway into the 'ESME - External Short

Messaging Entity' mode.

SMSC user ID.

System ID –

SMSC/SMTP user password.

Password –

ESME user ID.

System ID (for authentication on remote side) –

ESME user ID.

Password (for authentication on remote side) –

set the TCP parameter into the client/server mode.

TCP type –

set the server IP address and TCP server transport port.

Server address –

set the ESME user details:

Message direction of Esme –


ESME works as a transmistter/receiver.

ESME works as a transmitter.

Transmitter –

ESME works as a receiver.

Receiver –

Address range – set this parameter if required so by SMSC for SMS receiving.

Delivery status required – set the SMS sending request for outgoing SMS
delivery confirmation


Send message as Flash SMS

– activate the Flash SMS function for outgoing

SMS messages.


You can set the

parameter only if the

Delivery status required

SMTP/POP3 protocol is used.

With SMPP, the delivery information is active automatically in
case the service is required by the SMPP counterparty or via an
incoming SMS message from the GSM/UMTS network.