Dl-rb1a, Instruction manual, Bcd output unit

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BCD Output Unit


Instruction Manual

Safety Precautions

General Cautions

• At startup and during operation, be sure to monitor the functions and

performance of the DL-RB1A.

• Provide appropriate safety measures to avoid any damage in the event

that a problem occurs.

• Do not modify the DL-RB1A or use it in any way other than described

in the specifications. The functions and performance of products used
or modified in this way cannot be assured.

• When the DL-RB1A is used in combination with other instruments, its

functions and performance may be degraded, depending on the
operating conditions and surrounding environment. Use the DL-RB1A
after fully studying the effects of combined use with other instruments.

• Do not use the DL-RB1A for the purpose of protecting the human


• Do not expose the DL-RB1A and peripheral devices to sudden

temperature changes. This may cause condensation, damaging the

Proper environment and conditions

To use the DL-RB1A properly and safely, do not install the DL-RB1A
in locations with the following conditions. Use of this equipment in an
improper environment may cause equipment failure.

Locations with high humidity, a large amount of dust, or poor ventilation

Locations where the temperature rises excessively due to direct
sunlight, etc.

Locations where corrosive or flammable gas exists

Locations where the DL-RB1A is directly subjected to vibration or

Locations where water, oil or chemicals may splash the DL-RB1A

Locations where static electricity is easily built up

Noise countermeasures

Installation near a source of noise such as a power source and a
power cable may cause a malfunction or failure in the equipment.
Adopt appropriate countermeasures against noise by using a noise
filter or wiring cables in separate ducts, attaching insulation to the
sensor amplifier or the sensor head, etc.

Package Contents

The product package should include the following items. Check that all
items are included before use.

All possible care was taken in packaging; however, if any parts are found to
be defective or broken, please contact your nearest KEYENCE sales office.

Part Names


If the following conditions are encountered,
immediately turn off the power. Continuing to use
the DL-RB1A under abnormal conditions may
cause fire, electric shock or equipment failure.
• When water or foreign matter enters the


• When the DL-RB1A is dropped or the housing is


• When the DL-RB1A produces smoke or an

abnormal smell


• Do not use the DL-RB1A with a voltage other

than specified voltage, as this may cause fire,
electric shock or equipment failure.

• Do not disassemble or modify the DL-RB1A. This

may cause fire or electric shock.


• Be sure to turn off the power to the DL-RB1A and

any connected devices before connecting or
disconnecting the cables. Otherwise, there may
be a risk of damaging the unit.

• Do not turn off the power while setting a

parameter. Otherwise, the settings may be
partially or completely lost.

End unit x 2


Communication unit


Expansion connector cover

Switch protection sticker

Alarm indicator (red)

Power indicator (green)

Connector terminal area

Sensor amplifier connector

(for panel mounting type / large display type)*

I/O connector

Sensor amplifier connector
(for DIN rail mounting type)

*Sticker is attached.

Advanced setting switch

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