Before you fly, Assembly – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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3. Before you fly

The Genie Lite must be assembled by a suitably qualified paragliding professional, for example your
instructor. In particular great care and attention must be paid to the fitting of the rescue parachute
into the harness. The pilot should then adjust the harness for comfort.


The Genie Lite is delivered with the back protection and speed bar already installed from the factory.
But when it is necessary to assemble the harness by yourself, Gin Gliders recommend that assembly
be carried out in the order below. If there is any doubt whatsoever about this procedure, please seek
professional advice from your instructor, GIN dealer or importer.

Back Protection

If you receive the Genie Lite back protection folded, then please let it lay open for several hours
before you install it into the harness. To install, open the zipper cover underneath the seat plate, open
the zip and insert the Genie Lite back protection. It needs to slide into the space underneath the seat
plate and sit behind the reserve container and the back support.

Do not put it underneath the cross

straps in the back of the harness.