Adjustments, Chest strap, Shoulder straps – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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The Genie Lite should be adjusted to suit your physique and flying style.
It is important to adjust it correctly to ensure you can easily slide into the sitting position after
Adjustments should ideally be tested by hanging in a simulator prior to the first flight. Additional
fine-tuning can be done during your first few flights.
Ensure that the rescue system, back and side protection have been installed correctly before making
Please follow the following steps to adjust your harness:

Chest strap

The adjustment of the chest strap controls the distance
between the carabiners and affects the handling and stability
of the glider. Widening the distance between the carabiners
increases feedback from the wing and allows for easier weight
shifting. Closing the strap gives you a more stable feeling in
turbulence but increases the risk of stable spiral and also the
risk of twisting!
We advise pilots of GIN paragliders to fly with a distance
between the carabiners of approximately 42 to 48 cm.
The chest strap may also be adjusted in flight according to the
conditions; for example, it may be tightened in turbulent air
and flown at a looser setting in more stable or weak

Shoulder straps

The optimum setting for the shoulder straps depends on the height of the pilot. Stand upright with the
chest/leg straps closed and symmetrically adjust the shoulder straps until they are just tight. To
loosen the shoulder straps, pull the narrow webbing loop that protrudes backwards from the neoprene
buckle cover on the shoulder strap.