GIN Genie Lite User Manual

Page 12

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To attach the rescue bridle to the harness webbing

A Maillon Rapide type connector is recommended. The connector should be rated at least 9 times the
maximum weight, for example, a correctly fitted 7mm Stainless Steel square maillon – 3125 Kg -
provides a suitable connection.
After tightening, the maillon should be held in place with rubber bands, tape or plastic heat shrink

Webbing to webbing connections are not recommended, due to the potential danger of friction

and melting of the webbing during a deployment, which would significantly weaken or even cut the
Attaching the rescue parachute deployment bag to the harness deployment handle
The rescue container of the Genie Lite comes with its own deployment handle.
This handle and its strap must be connected to the deployment bag of the parachute. If your
parachute’s deployment bag does not have the proper loop, please contact your parachute dealer or a
qualified professional to attach the deployment handle by sewing it or adding a new loop in the
correct position on the deployment bag.

In any case, a qualified professional must check the compatibility of the system i.e. harness and
rescue parachute, when a rescue parachute is installed for the first time. After every repack of the
rescue parachute you can do a compatibility check yourself. Please observe carefully how the
professional installs the rescue system, so that you can remember the procedure if you have to do it
yourself the next time.
This compatibility check requires that you test to make sure that the rescue parachute can be
released from the rescue container in the harness – it must be done by the pilot himself, sitting in the
harness hanging from a simulator. It must be done after every repack of the rescue parachute to be
sure that the rescue can be released without problems in the case of an emergency.

Adjusting the volume of the rescue container

The volume of the outer container is able to be controlled by using the volume pad. The volume of
rescue container is can be adjusted from 5L to 9L. If you install a smaller rescue, then you can put the
volume pad into the upper part of the container and secure with velcro.