Rescue installation and check of compatibility – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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Rescue Installation and Check of Compatibility

The Genie Lite is compatible with GIN rescue parachutes. Other manufacturer’s rescues may be used
as well.
Every first installation of a rescue system into the harness (that means every new combination of
harness and rescue system) must be checked for compatibility by a qualified paragliding professional.
Prior to the installation, you should also ensure that you have the necessary materials to complete
the procedure, for example, suitable maillons and thread.
Rescue parachutes should be repacked at least every 6 Months; so installing your rescue in a new
harness may also provide a good opportunity for a repack.
A compatibility check always must be executed by the pilot itself who will fly with the harness. The
pilot must seat in the harness which is hanging in a simulator and release the rescue from the rescue
container to be sure this is possible in an emergency situation. A compatibility check (check if the
rescue parachute can be released from the integrated container of a harness) must be executed after
each repacking of the rescue parachute.

Check list when repacking the rescue parachute

Item Check



Validation of date of rescue packing

Certification (LTF, EN)

Correct size of deployment bag of
the rescue?

Condition of rescue deployment

Rescue handle attachment at
deployment bag correct?

Check strength of rescue handle

Original rescue handle of harness?

Check if the handle connected at
the correct position of deployment

When the rescue handle is pulled, is
the pin released before the
connection becomes tight?

The rubber band tension of rescue
inner container must be less than

Is the rescue pin engaged?

Check attachment of rescue handle
to the harness

Force to open the rescue less than

Check the Velcro works

Has the correct method been used

to connect the rescue and bridle?

Check if there is any object
interfering with the opening of the

Is the maillon connecting the
rescue with harness bridle locked

Check if the bridle and rescue riser
are secured to the maillons with a
suitable material (e.g. tape,
rubber bands etc.) to prevent