Optional extras, Rescue parachute, Other accessories – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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Specification of the carbon seat plate

Size XS S M L


280 300 330 350


340 360 380 400

Optional Extras

The following items are available as optional extras.

Rescue parachute

The Genie Lite is designed for use with GIN rescue parachutes, like the Yeti Rescue or ONE G. Other
manufacturers’ rescue systems may also be suitable. The maximum size of rescue container is 9L.
Every first installation of a rescue system into the harness (that means every new combination of
harness and rescue system) must be checked by a qualified paragliding professional. This is called a
"compatibility check". In this compatibility check the pilot himself, who will be flying with this harness,
must always sit in the harness while hanging from a simulator and test deploy the rescue from the
harness container. This check must also be done after each time the rescue has been repacked and re-




Other Accessories

For up-to-date information on additional accessories, visit www.gingliders.com or contact your local
GIN dealer or the distributor in your country.