Side strings to control angle of the legs, Speed bar, Leg cover strings – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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take the load from the main straps. In this case the strap can slip out or break out of the material
during flight.

Side strings to control angle of the legs

These strings help you to adjust the angle of the knee support and
give support for your legs on long flights. They also help you to feel
more feedback from the glider by transmitting the gliders
movements. You may need some assistance to save time to get the
correct adjustment. For best results the 4 strings on each side of
the harness should be adjusted to the same tension. Pull the upper
strings to raise the angle of the legs and pull the lower strings to
lower the angle of the legs, depending on the flying position of the

Speed bar

Hanging in the simulator, adjust the length of the speed bar according to your needs. Making the cord
too short could result in the speed system being constantly and unintentionally engaged during flight.
It is safer to start with the speed bar a little long and shorten it following your first flights. Test the
speed bar in flight only after you are comfortable with your new harness, and always do so in calm
conditions with ample clearance above the ground.

Leg cover strings

After finishing all other adjustments, attach the flight deck. Then put the end ball of the leg cover
strings through the loops on the end of the left side of the leg cover as shown in the picture.


this, you must connect the ring of right side leg cover to the ring of left side using the Safe T Band system. Then
control the tension of the cocoon cover by using the elastic strings which are connected to the upper leg string.

Optimal length is when both sides of the cocoon are covered symmetrically. If over-tighten, the
cocoon will not cover correctly and it will be difficult to get your legs in. If you set it up correctly, you
won’t need to make further adjustments after take-off.