Landing with the genie lite – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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If the rescue is to be deployed, the procedure is as follows:

Look for the rescue handle and grasp it firmly with one hand
Pull the handle firmly outwards and upwards to release the deployment bag from the harness


Look for a clear area, and in a continuous motion, throw (and RELEASE!) the rescue away

from yourself and the glider, preferably into the air stream and against the direction of

After deployment, avoid entanglement and pendulum motions by pulling in the glider as

symmetrically as possible with the B, C, D or brake lines

On landing take an upright body position and be sure to do a PLF (Parachute Landing Fall)

to minimize the risk of injury.

Landing with the Genie Lite

Before landing, slide your legs forward in the harness so that you adopt the upright position. NEVER
land in the reclined position; it is very dangerous for your back even if you have back protection.
Sitting up before landing is an active safety system, and is much more effective than the passive
system of back protection