Safety notice – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

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Thank You…

Thank you for choosing the Genie Lite harness. We are confident that this harness will provide you
with enhanced comfort, control, performance and fun in flight. This manual contains all the
information you need to set up, trim, fly and maintain your harness. A thorough knowledge of your
equipment will keep you safe and enable you to maximize your full potential.
Please pass on this manual to the new owner if you do resell your harness.

Happy Flights and Safe Landings,

The GIN Team

Safety Notice

By the purchase of our equipment, you are responsible for being a certified paraglider

pilot and you accept all risks inherent with paragliding activities including injury and

death. Improper use or misuse of GIN equipment greatly increases these risks. Neither

Gin Gliders Inc nor the seller of GIN equipment shall be held liable for personal or third

party injuries or damages under any circumstances. If any aspect of the use of our

equipment remains unclear, please contact your local GIN reseller or importer in your