Back protection, Speed bar, Flight deck – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

Page 8: Storage/pockets, Carbon seat plate

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Back protection

The Genie Lite is equipped with a new back protection
(Ginsoft Lite) of 12cm thickness. A hard foam layer to protect
the Genie Lite back protection against punctures is
integrated into the Genie Lite harness. The back protector is
divided into separate compartments, to prevent air being
dissipated too rapidly in the event of a hard impact.
The Genie Lite back protection is designed to protect the pilot
in case of an impact and to reduce the energy of the impact
as much as possible, but it cannot completely eliminate the risk of injury.

Speed bar

The Genie Lite is compatible with all common types of speed
system. The Genie Lite is supplied with a 3 step speed bar
that allows more accurate speed control for acceleration.

Flight Deck

The Genie Lite has Flight Deck which provide with harness
that can contain 5L of ballast


The Genie Lite contains several useful pockets for all your essential gear. There is a large back pocket,
1 smaller front pocket on the outer Lycra cover and 2 pockets are on each side of the lateral straps.
There is also a radio compartment inside the back pocket and a hole to pass the cable through for a
handheld speaker microphone or a Camel Back.
You can find an extra pocket under the seat plate that can store 3 litres of extra ballast or an
emergency kit.

Carbon seat plate

The Genie Lite is supplied with a carbon seat plate, which comes in 4 sizes. When you order the Genie
Lite, you should choose the correct seat plate size according to your build (rather than simply your
height). If in doubt, choose a smaller seat plate. This will give you greater stability in the harness.