Miscellaneous, Towing, Tandem flying – GIN Genie Lite User Manual

Page 20: Flying over water

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5. Miscellaneous


The Genie Lite is also excellent for towing.

The tow release can be connected to the main carabiners.

The best position to attach a tow release is to use a towing adapter, which slides over the lower ends
of the risers of the paraglider. For further details, refer to the documentation provided with your tow
release or towing adaptor or ask a qualified towing instructor at your tow site.

Tandem flying

The Genie Lite is not recommended for tandem flying


Flying over water

The Genie Lite is not recommended for the extreme manoeuvres. But in any case, for all other flights
over water, the back protection should be removed, due to the increased possibility of drowning after
a water landing.

Act responsibly and help preserve your flying sites

Please observe all local rules at the flying sites you use. It is important not to endanger the
preservation of flying sites that are a vital necessity to the enjoyment of our beautiful sport.