Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

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Figure 5

Electrical Connections and Set-up

7. When installing under vacuum, do not allow the clamp to “slam” against the seal nut

upon opening the valve. Grasp each probe firmly, with hand against the seal nut,
before opening the ball valve. Allow the probe shaft to slide slowly through the
valve by controlling the amount of grip on the probe shaft. Do not let it slam against
the seal nut. Once fully inserted, tighten the seal nut. Special installation
instructions, if any, will be noted in SECTION 6.

8. It may be necessary to apply a force of about 23 lb (102 Newtons) to remove or

replace the probe under operating conditions. Firmly grip the probe shaft when
removing a probe from the line.




Inspect and VERIFY these electrical connections carefully. Improper

connection could damage electronic components and sensor function. If additional holes need
to be drilled in the processor enclosure, remove the electronics subassembly (mounted on a
mounting plate) and temporarily store inside an ESD bag in a safe, clean place. Do not drill with
electronics boards inside the enclosure.

A. Main Processor Unit (see Figure 5)

1. Sensor Power and Communication Line: Connect the distribution box to this main

processor box using the RS-485 communications/power cable. Follow indicated
connector color code. [communications: white (A), blue (B) and shield (SH); power:
24Vdc, red (+), and black (



2. Main Power: Connect main power terminals to a dedicated 100-250Vac, single phase,

15-amp circuit. An external disconnect switch should be used for disconnecting power
to the system during outages.


connection wires should be at least 18
gauge and comply with accepted wiring
codes. SW1 on the power input PWA
(printed wiring board #01011-5) is used
for cycling power to reset.

3. Network Connection (Recommended):

The Ethernet connection at CN3 on the
CPU interface PWA (printed wiring
board #08017-1) is an RJ-45 style jack.
A 10-foot Ethernet Cat5 crossover cable
is supplied with the unit for laptop
connections. Intek recommends using
this connection for all data transmissions
and RheoVac communications because:
a. More measured data is accessible

through the network connection.

b. Software and calibration file updates

can be done remotely.