Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

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Precautions should be taken to insure proper performance of all sensors. Since the quantification
technique involves signal measurements, care should be exercised to prevent build-up of dirt and/or
corrosive layers on the probe surface and on the various terminal strip connections. Periodic checks with
necessary cleaning should be performed to insure clean probes and terminals. The joints of the sensor
leads should occasionally be inspected for corrosion or presence of moisture.



The RheoVac DR instrument is calibrated at the factory in a calibration system which replicates the
vacuum dryer and vacuum line environment. The system is designed to calibrate the temperature,
pressure, water vapor relative saturation and flow sensor under the gaseous fluid conditions found within
the plant’s vacuum line.

In general, calibrations should be valid over a two year period if the probes are well maintained. Should
the unit require re-ranging or recalibration, note the serial number of the RheoVac DR instrument and
contact the factory concerning recalibration cost and turn around times. Refer to SECTION 5
CUSTOMER SERVICE of this manual for additional information. Contact Intek for calibration,
monitoring service plans, instrument service agreements as well as other Intek products and services.



It is sometimes advantageous to have a spare probe pair. Should a spare probe pair be desired, it can be
ordered and stored for installation at any time. A spare probe will come with a parameter disk with
calibration files that will need to be uploaded to the main electronics along with instructions to complete
the update and install/replace the probe (see SECTION 4.4).

Spare fuses should be available for replacement of blown fuses. Appropriate fuses to stock are:


Electronics: Slow blow 1A Wickmann fuse, part number 3721100041 or equivalent.


Probe: Slow blow 500 mA Wickmann fuse, part number 3720500041 or equivalent.

There are no other normally recommended spare components to stock.

To replace the fuse in the main electronics: locate the AC Power Input board (#01011-5 shown in Figure
5) in the lower right hand corner of the main electronics box. Slide the power switch to the “OFF
position to disable power to the electronics. The fuses are shown at locations F1 and F2 (spare). Gently
pull the fuse(s) from the socket and gently insert the replacement 1 Amp fuse(s) as appropriate. Slide
the power switch back to the “ON” position to enable power to the electronics. Close hinged lid and
verify display backlight is on. Clamp close the enclosure lid, and tighten the latch screws.

To replace the fuse in the probe: locate the AC Power Input board (#01011-5 shown in Figure 5) in the
lower right hand corner of the main electronics box, as above, to disable power to the probe. Gently pull
the fuse from the socket and gently insert the replacement 500 mA fuse. Close the probe electronics lid.