Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

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Figure 10 Probe Connector Assembly

D. FTP Probe: CAUTION — Do not cross thread connection. The FTP probe is supplied with

a convenient plug-in connector. The male side of the connector comes installed in the probe
junction box. The female side is usually shipped loose and must be installed onto the
supplied DeviceNet type 5711 cable once it is run from the Distribution Box to the probe.
The wiring detail for the female plug-in connector (Turck p/n B4151-0/9) can be seen in
Figure 10. These connectors will use either the “backshell nut” or “conduit connector”
depending on whether the cable is installed in a liquid-tight conduit. When installing without
conduit, use the backshell nut; when using liquid-tight conduit, use the conduit connector
with o-ring.

1. Slide all of the appropriate parts onto the cable as shown.
2. Strip the cable conductors as shown. The connector has 5 retention screws to hold the

wires in place. The use of crimp pins on the wires will greatly increase connection

3. Loosen all 5 retention screws (do not completely remove).
4. Insert the wires, in accordance with color-coding shown (see Figure 10, insert).
5. Tighten the retention screws on each wire.
6. Reassemble the connector parts.