Appendix a - rheovac, Instrument user interface software – Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

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January 29, 2007



Instrument User Interface Software


User Interface Software (UIS) is provided on CD-ROM with every RheoVac instrument. This
software is used to communicate with the RheoVac unit from a User Interface Computer (UIC).
Some of the functions of the software can be performed using a serial cable, while all functions are
available using an Ethernet connection. An Ethernet crossover cable is provided with each RheoVac
instrument for the purpose of connecting a UIC directly to the RheoVac unit. The network functions
are also capable of being used from any network computer if the RheoVac instrument is connected
directly to the same network. In this case, the supplied crossover cable is not used; rather a straight,
high noise-immune Ethernet cable with RJ-45 plug is used (supplied by customer).

Most details regarding use of the software can be found in the active help files from the pull down
Help menu when using the software.


A User Interface Computer (UIC) is required to access stored data and real time data of all
parameters. A laptop is suggested for easy access to the main processor unit. Intek does not supply
UICs but recommends the following System Requirements (minimum recommended):

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP Operating Systems
Pentium III, 400 MHZ processor with 128 MB RAM
SVGA 800 x 600 display
One CD-ROM drive
One 10/100 Ethernet Port

Recommended (Optional):
One 3.5 inch floppy disk drive (probe recalibration data files can be provided on diskette)
One RS-232 serial port with DB-9 connector

The User Interface Software should be installed onto the User Interface Computer. Install the
software by inserting the CD-ROM supplied with the manual into the CD-ROM drive and follow
the on screen prompts. A folder, C:\RHEOVAC will be created and files will be copied to this
folder. The executable file is RheoVac User Interface.exe and the others are drivers and
configuration files that must remain in the RHEOVAC folder. If a previous version of User
Interface Software is on the UIC, you will need to launch the installer a 2




After installation, the user interface is initiated by selecting [START\PROGRAMS\RHEOVAC\
RHEOVAC USER INTERFACE]. The main menu appears, prompting for a selection of RS-232
Serial Communication or Ethernet Communication Utility. A list of functions for each utility
appears below the green selection buttons.