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For the first time, all necessary properties of the gases in the vacuum dryer exhaust line are directly
measured to provide an accurate determination of water vapor removal and dryer performance related
parameters. These properties are measured to provide the industry with the most advantageous and
complete product for vacuum dryer system diagnostics:

the RheoVac



*USPNs 4,255,648; 5,485,754; 5,752,411; 6,385,974; 6,526,755

A RheoVac DR system consists of sensor probes reporting to a central signal conditioner and processor
unit. The sensing probes, consisting of multiple sensors configured in two separate probes (the standard
configuration is a main FTP probe and a RS probe), is installed in the vacuum line, generally between
the dryer and the exhauster. The RheoVac DR system is superior to all other methods in that it makes
no assumptions about the dynamics of the dryer and vacuum line environment. The main FTP probe
sensor head employs the patented Rheotherm


technology to provide an accurate mass flow

measurement. Additionally, temperature, pressure and water vapor relative saturation measurements are
made using a high accuracy platinum resistance temperature detector (RTD), a strain gauge pressure
sensor and a specially configured and calibrated water vapor saturation sensor.