Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

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January 29, 2007

to the user’s hard disk is stored in the “C:\RHEOVAC\DATA\” directory. The data is subdivided
into folders for each probe. A new file for each probe will be created each day that data is archived.


Sending Data to Intek:


If the instrument is equipped with a portable USB data storage device as shown in Figure 5 (in the
main manual), remove this storage device after one week of operation and send to "Intek, Inc., 751
Intek Way, Westerville, OH 43082" to activate/secure warranty registration. This storage device
is programmed to capture the initial baseline data recorded by the RheoVac instrument.

The following paragraph is applicable to RheoVac 950 instrument users only:

The availability of plant data for periods corresponding to the RheoVac data are important to proper
diagnostic evaluation. Plant data of interest to the factory for the same time period are: turbine back
pressure, hotwell temperature, load, and inlet and outlet circulation water temperatures. The plant
data is necessary for correlating RheoVac measured data. The availability of this information at the
factory is very important to Intek’s ability to assist you in troubleshooting your instrument and/or
to respond to inquiries. This provides a baseline for the system and will help us support you should
future system problems arise. Our experienced support engineers can access the “before” and “after”
effects of an upset and work with you to identify and understand the problem, and develop solutions.
Additionally, most air removal piping conditions that are detrimental to probe operation can be
diagnosed before probe damage occurs. For this reason, we require a data download one week after

RheoVac system is placed into service. The download activates the one year warranty service.

Alternately, you may send to the factory an initial week or so of data (zipped format is preferred). The
simplest way is to copy all data files and the ‘event.log’ file to your UIC and send it via email to
[email protected].

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