Intek RheoVac DR User Manual

Page 34

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August 1, 2004


4. Networking with the

RheoVac DR: If all of the items above are completed successfully, the

UIC or LAN computer should be able to network with the

RheoVac DR. To search for the

RheoVac 950 from the UIC or LAN computer:

Open My Computer


RheoVac instrument is identified by a unique network ID. The ID is an “R” plus

the first five digits of the serial number found on the unit.

Look for the Network ID of your

RheoVac DR. If the expected Network ID (See

previous paragraph) does not show up in the list, then type in the appropriate Address
line (\\“R” plus the first five digits of the serial number) and click the ‘Go’ button. This
may take several seconds and then a RHEOVAC folder will appear, which is the hard
drive of the

RheoVac DR.

Open the

RHEOVAC folder then open the DATA folder. The \\Network ID

\RHEOVAC\DATA folder contains all the stored data. Use Windows copy/paste (COPY
- Ctrl C; PASTE- Ctrl V) to save the data files to the UIC or LAN computer.