Embroidering with a hoop, Darn or monogram without hoop – SINGER W1166 User Manual

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E. Drop feed, set stitch width lock at 5, take 3 or 4 stitches, leave needle in fabric left of

stitches Pivot fabric on needle to make next daisy petal. Continue until flower design is com­

plete. Lock threads by setting stitch width at 0 and taking 3 or 4 stitches in center of design.


It is easy to follow a stamped design or to

work free hand when embroidering or monogram-
ming. (See Fig. 30). Release the pressure from

the foot by pressing down the snap lock on the
automatic darner. Push the drop feed button down

all the way.

Stretch the fabric in an embroidery hoop, and

place under the needle after removing the presser
foot. Set the stitch width at the size you prefer

and lower the presser bar lifter. Then operate the
machine at a rather high speed while moving the

hoop slowly with both hands. Work carefully and be sure to keep fingers out of the path of

the needle.


Should you encounter skip stitches, the fabric is not stretched tight enough or a darning spring

is needed (see attachments available from your dealer illustrated in the back of this book.)


If you wish to dam or monogram without embroidery hoops, leave zigzag presser foot in

place, release all pressure on presser foot, set stitch length at


, set zigzag stitch width to suit

and leave feed in sewing position.


When darning or monogramming in this manner the fabric must be held taut or skiooed

stitches will be encountered.

Fig. 30