Starting to sew – SINGER W1750C User Manual

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The machine will be set at 01 automatically to sew straight stitches when power switch is turned


1. Check the presser foot (General Purpose Presser Fo

Refer to page 6 for changing the presser foot.

2. Place the fabric under the presser foot.
3. Lower the presser foot.

4. Hold back both threads when starting machine.

Let threads go after sewing a few stitches.

5. Regulate the speed while sewing.
6.Stop machine when you reach end of seam.
/.Raise the presser foot lifter.
8. When you have reached the end of a seam, stop

sewing and turn the hand wheel toward you to bring

the needle to highest position. Raise the presser
foot and pull the fabric out from under the foot to
the back of the machine.
Cut the threads in the thread cutter on the left side

of the machine.



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