Buttonhole sewing, 0° r – SINGER W1750C User Manual

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This machine can sew 3 type buttonholes.

1 .Mark position and lenght of buttonhole on


2.Set button on the base.
* If button does not fit on the base, adjust

slide on base to diameter of button plus
thickness of button.

a= Length of button + thickness

3. Pass upper thread through the hole of

buttonhole foot and bring upper and
bobbin threads to the left.

4. Position fabric under presser foot so that

the center line mark is in the center of the

buttonhole foot.
Lower the foot.


5. Reset presser bar lifter up & down for BH

presser foot touch the buttonhole lever. Now,
start switch show green light.

Note:Machine will not start to sew if buttonhole

lever is not lowered properly or buttonhole

foot is not positioned correctly.

6. Hold upper thread lightly and start the machine.


_r*L________ ,

0° r




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