Insert zippers and piping zippers – SINGER W1750C User Manual

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Attach the zipperfoot which can be snapped on
to the right or the or left of the foot sew you can
stitch close to the zipper on the right or left side.

Illustration 1 :Needle to the left of foot

2:Needle to the right of foot

To insert zippers, consult the zipper package for

instructions on how to prepare zipper placket and
place zipper. To sew close to the zipper on the
right side, snap the zipper foot onto the ankle on
the left side so the needle passes through the
opening on the left side of the foot. Snap the foot
onto the onkel on the other side of the foot to sew
the close to the left side of the zipper.


To insert piping, purchase pre-made piping or cover
cording with a bias strip of fabric using the zipper
foot snapped on to the left side of the ankle. Place
the piping between two layers of fabric. Stitch with
the piping next to the foot so the stitching is tight
against the cord.




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