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Press fabric against the guide plate of the
overcasting foot so that needle falls near
the edge of seam.

A. (Width=6.5-5.0) is used for preventing

ravelling of fabrics.

B. can sew overcasting and regular stitches

at the same time.Therefore it is convenient
for sewing easy to ravel and stretch fabrics.

CAUTIONiTo prevent accidents.

Overcasting foot should be used for sewing
patterns 06 and 12 only and do not change
the stitch width narrower than 5.0 It is possible
that needle could hit the presser foot and break
when sewing other patterns and width.


Place fabric that needle will fall
nearestto edge of fabric when using
the General Purpose Foot.

C. For narrower zigzag width

D. Use 06 when sewing easy to ravel

or stretch fabrics.

E. You can also cut off the excess material

after sewing the inside of fabric.

Be careful not to cut thread when cutting
excess materials.


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