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PSW Option 1.1

Editing - Adding and Deleting Color Stops

A change color code has been added in the editing operation /or all o/ the

creation methods.

Adding Color Stops

1. Open a design in the PSW.

2. Select EditiEdit Outline.

3. Select a block.

4. Press STOP {this is a color change function)


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Q. I a I

liS I t=Jo

*\2i\ ¿? \

5. The PSW program will now add a color stop between the selected

block and the previous blocks.

Deleting Color Stops

1. Click on Choices:Stitch Edit

2. Press the Home key on your computer keyboard to move to the

beginning of the design.


3. Click on the Binoculars in the top tool bar.

(This is the Move to function)

4. Click on the Stop icon in the small dialog box

\E CJ m

f; & 4*1

5. Click on the arrow icon wqth the small 6 in the corner. This will move

forward through the stops in the design.

6. When you reach the stop you wash to delete, click on the delete icon in

the top cool bar.