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PSW Option 1.1

Outline Generation - Converting Stitches to Block

Changing the Size of a Design:

Once a design has been loaded and the stitches changed to blocks, the
size of the design can be changed.


Choose Modify:Dimensions.


The Dimensions dialog box will appear and the design will be

shown as a white silhouette.


X and Y: represent the height and width in 1/ 10mm and can be

changed be clicking on the arrows or typing the number in the box.


Click on the Lock icon to maintain the ratio of the design.


To change the design by a percentage instead of mm, click the left

mouse on the % box. A check mark will appear in the box.

100% is default
120% will increase the size of the design by 20%

70% will decrease the size of the design by 30%


Click OK to set the size and stitches. The PSW program will

recalculate the stitches for the altered design.

Stitch Types and Stitch Parameters can also be utilized to edit designs.