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PSW Option 1.1

Digitizing - Create Method Cross-Stitches

PSW’s new Cross Stitch digitizing tool allows you to duplicate a cross stitch
design and sew it on your XL-1000.

Creating Single Rows of Cross Stitching using an Image:

1. Scan or open a cross stitch design in the PSW.

2. Click the left mouse on the Current Method icon and choose the Cross

Stitch method icon.

Bl I '^1 -


3. Select the cross-stitch type.

There are three cross stitch types:
Single Cross - Consists of 7 stitches (within one cross-stitch)


Double Cross - Consists of 13 stitches (within one cross-stitch) Double

'Triple Cross - Consists of 21 stitches (within one cross-stitch) Triple

4. Click on the Ruler

icon in the left horiiiontal tool bar and

measure in mm one of the cross stitches in the image. Click on the
Ruler icon once more to turn the measuring function off.

5. To define the stitch length value, click Density/size on the top tool bar

and set the number to the same measurement as the cross stitch
measurement in number 4.

ii------------------------ , . r--------- ._______

X I [Single

Wli* |30.0

Or choose ParametersiStitch. Change the running stitch length to
match the block grid size. (ie.30). Click OK.

6. Choose UtiUties:Image Span to move the starting point of the design

to a corner of the first X where you want to start digitizing.

7. Zoom in on the area to be digitized first.

8. You must begin on the X on which the start point is Hashing. If you

did not move it to the right place in Step 7, redo the Image Span.

9. Click the right mouse on the screen to begin the digitizing process.

10. Make a short click of the left mouse in the center of the first X.