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PSW Option 1.1

Digitizing - Create Method Cross-Stitches

11. Move the mouse out one box from the ending point.


A'. /


A\ /\ A\ A

12. Click

the right mouse to fill the stitches.

Define the end point of
the cross stitched row

vnth a long left mouse
click in this outside box.

13. If you did not end up on one of the corners of the next X you want to

digitize, you must now take a jump stitch to get to that box.

14. Click on the Jump Function icon


in the left vertical tool bar,

then click on one of the corner points of the next X. Think about how

you can make the jump so that it will be easy to clip the threads.

15. Click the right mouse to activate the digitizing function again.

16. Continue on as in previous steps.

Creating Multiple Rows of Cross Stitch:

1. Follow the previous directions for

Cross Stitch.

I- <■',

2. Click the right mouse to activate the

digitizing function, then click the left

mouse to begin plotting the rows of

cross stitch.

Rows can be created horizontally or


3. When the rows are complete, define

the exiting point by a long left mouse


Remember to extend the row by one
box uith the last left mouse click. (G)