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Threading the Upper Thread____________

This is a simpie operation but it is important to carry out correctiy

as by not doing so severai sewing probiems couid resuit.

- Start by raising the needie to its highest point (1), and continue

turning the handwheei counterciockwise untii the needie just

siightiy begins to descend. Raise the presser foot to reiease

the tension discs.


For safety, it is strongiy suggested you turn off the

power before threading.

- Lift up the spooi pin. Piace the spooi of thread on the holder

with the thread coming off the spooi as shown. For smaii
thread spoois, piace smaii side of spooi hoider next to spooi. (2)


Draw thread from spooi through the upper thread guide (3)

and puii thread through pre-tension spring as iiiustrated. (4)

- Thread tension moduie by ieading thread down right channei

and up ieft channei. (5) During this process it is heipfui to hoid

the thread between the spooi and thread guide.

- At the top of this movement pass thread from right to ieft

through the

siotted eye of the take-up iever and then

downwards again. (6)

- Now pass thread behind the thin wire needie ciamp guide (7)

and then down to the needie which shouid be threaded from

front to back.

- Puii about 6-8 inches of thread to the rear beyond the needie

eye. Trim thread to iength with buiit in thread cutter. (8)