Itjzi attaching the presser foot shank, Attaching the presser foot, Removing the presser foot – SINGER 2250 TRADITION User Manual

Page 44: Attaching the edge/quilting guide, Attaching the presser foot shank

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Attaching the Presser Foot Shank

Raise the presser bar (a) with the presser foot iifter. Attach

the presser foot shank (b) as iiiustrated. (1)

Attaching the presser foot

Lower the presser foot shank (b) using the presser foot iifter,
untii the cut-out (c) is directiy above the pin (d). (2) The
presser foot (f) wili engage automaticaiiy.

Removing the presser foot

Raise the presser foot using the presser foot iifter. (3)

Raise the iever (e) and the foot disengages.

Attaching the edge/quilting guide

Attach the edge/quiiting guide (g) in the siot as iiiustrated.
Adjust as needed for hems, pieats, quiiting, etc. (4)

Turn power switch to off ("O") when carrying out any of

the above operations!