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* Set the needle to hook relation in the following way:

1) Bring down the needle bar to the lowest point when the needle is coming down through

the center of the needle hole on the throat plate.

2) Loosen needle bar connection screw ®, and adjust the height of the needle bar.

(Setting the needle bar)

3) Insert the part 1” of timing gauge ® into the gap between the bottom end of needle

bar® and throat plate ® .

4) Retighten the needle bar connection screw to adjust the position of the sewing hook.

(Setting the hook)

5) Loosen setscrew ® of the hook sleeve by the bar spanner supplied with the machine.

6) Rotate the driving pulley in the correct direction until the needle starts to go up from

its lowest point.

7) Insert the part “2” of the timing gauge into the gap between the bottom end of the

needle bar and the throat plate, where the bottom end of the needle bar touches the

top of the part “2” of the timing gauge.

8) Align blade point © of the sewing hook with the center of needle @, and make

adjustment so that a clearance of approx. 0.5mm (1/64") is provided between the needle

and the blade point of the hook. Then, securely retighten the setscrew of the hook


(NOTE): If stitches are skipped, lower the needle bar by approx. 0.5mm (1/64")

from the timing gauge "1".


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