Picking-up lower bobbin thread, Regulating pressure – SINGER W1240 User Manual

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Raise presser foot.
Holding upper thread, turn

hand wheel toward you

one rotation.

When take-up lever is at its

highest position, pull thread

to pick up loop of lower

bobbin thread.

Pull both upper and lower thread

"to the left of" presser foot ap­

proximately 6 inches.

This will prevent jamming.


The amount of pressure that is applied to the fabric by the presser
foot is adjusted by the pressure cap (1). The upper position gives the

least amount of pressure while the lowest position gives maximum


To increase the pressure, push down on the pressure cap to obtain

the desired setting. To decrease the pressure, press down on the
snap lock ring (2) to allow the pressure cap to return to its maximum

height. Then reset to the proper pressure.
Normally the pressure cap will be in the lowest position. If the top
layer of fabric tends to push out further than the bottom layer of

fabric, Pressure should be decreased. This often happens on bulky

fabrics, such as wools, and on knits.