Adjusting stitch balance – SINGER 9113 User Manual

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Some Special Stitch patterns may require looser thread tension than others. To find the

proper tension for your application, make a test sample with the thread and fabric you

will be using.

Proper tension produces a smooth, even
stitch (1).

Too much tension will produce a tight

stitch (2), causing fabric to pucker. Adjust
tension by moving lever up toward a

looser setting.

Too little tension will produce a loose

stitch (3), causing loops in your pattern.
Adjust tension by moving lever down
toward a tighter “ + ” setting.


You can adjust the appearance of special color coded stitch patterns on the display panel,

by turning the stitch balance ring (1) behind the pattern selector dial (2).

A correctly balanced Fagoting stitch

should appear as illustrated (3).

When stitches are too close together (4),

separate them by turning the stitch balance

ring to the right.

When stitches are too far apart (5), bring

them closer together by turning the stitch

balance ring to the left.